Online Personal Training

Train in the convenience of your home or gym with me in your pocket! With online training I send you custom workouts that you can do anywhere.

In Home Training

At the moment I am only accepting online training clients.

Nutritional Guidance

Workouts are only part of the equation. To get the best results possible your diet must be on point.

Nate Leigh

I've been in the fitness industry for over 13 years. During that time I've helped hundreds of people change their lives. It's an amazing feeling when someone tells me that that their confidence is through the roof or that they've attained their dream body. I do everything possible to help you reach your goals!

My schedule has been booked pretty solid and I've decided to move fully to online training. Read below on why I personally believe it's more effective and affordable than in person training.


- My wife and beautiful daughter

- Fitness (duh!)

- Traveling

- Being Outdoors

- Learning new skills


- Bats

- Traffic

Change Your Life &
Hit Your Goals!

Here'es how the process normally looks.

Step 1: Initial Interview: I will ask you a bunch of questions about your past workout history, what you are looking to do with training, what type of equipment you have access to and try to learn as much about you as possible.

Step 2: I get to work on creating a custom workout that is tailored to your goals, equipment available and fitness level.

Step 3: I give you login to an app where I upload all of your workouts. Within the app you can setup a bio and we can start getting to work.

Step 4: Click on your workout for the day and you will see a step by step write up of what to do. Within that write up will be video links of exercises.

Step 5: Within the app you can message me at any point. I am here for you 24/7. Questions on exercises, any issues or just to say hello! I am also moinotirng your workouts and will check in often to keep you motivated.

Step 6: Hit your goals! Together we will work on hitting whatever goals you may have. I will do everything in my power to help your reach those goals!

Benefits of
Online Personal Training

Below are just a couple of the big benefits of Online Personal Training. I am one of the first trainers to start focusing online training and truly believe in the effectiveness!

Cost Effective

Online training is much more cost effective

Constant Support

I love being here for my clients whenever they need me. Instead of us training for an hour and not speaking again till the next session, I am here with the click of a button.

Better Results

I've seen over the years that my clients get much better results with online training. The big reason is that I have more control over workouts and can oversee everything. Typically with in person training I only see a client 1-3 times per week. With online, you get unlimited workouts.

Easier Schedule

Training on your time. The cool thing about online training is that you can decide to workout whenever it is convenient for you. No more tying to match schedules. Choose when you want to workout, open the app and start the workout of the day.

Training App

I use a fitness app where I upload all of your workouts. Within the app you simply click for the workout of the day and get to it! I attach videos to exercises and you can even text me inside the app with any questions. Everything is tracked so you can view your progress.


Everything is tracked on the app so we can look back and see your progress.

Some Quick Facts

5 Star Reviews
Programs Written
Protein Shakes Chugged

Pricing Plans

1 Month

$ 349 /month

  • Custom Workout Plan
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access To Fitness App
  • No Discount

6 months pre-Piad

$ 295 /month

  • Custom Workout Plan
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access To Fitness App
  • $54/month Discount

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