6 Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home

A healthy mind and body is everyone’s dream! It is not uncommon to get swept away in the daily hustle-bustle of life and miss out on some much-needed exercise. If you desire to turn this situation around, it isn’t necessary to hit the gym or work out with equipment!
The best path to follow is to decide upon a cardio routine and religiously follow it. If you are just starting, can do cardio exercises at home without apprehensions. Read on to find out more!

How Does Cardio Help You?
Cardio exercises are fundamental when it comes to your overall well-being and health. They pump up your heart rate and improve circulation, flexibility, and stamina.
The most encouraging part about such workouts is that you do not need to invest hours in the gym. It is possible to implement an engaging and productive routine at home to enhance your cardiovascular health and tone up.

6 Cardio Exercises To Do At Home
Below are six of the best cardio exercises you can practice at home. This list is a blend of units that engage different parts of your body. With them, you can be confident of a well-rounded cardio routine.
You must note that if you are a novice, you should try to do low-impact versions of these exercises. When your strength begins to increase, gradually bring up the level.

Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks may flood you with memories from your childhood! They are excellent cardio exercises. You can try performing jumping jacks for ten minutes if possible- and burn about a hundred calories in the process.
Jumping jacks work your whole body, especially the legs and hips, if you do them with full engagement.

Burpees do not demand too much space, making them an excellent exercise to do at home. You must get down into a plank and then jump up with a hop towards the front to do a burpee. Keep your back stable and straight with your hands flatly touching the floor when you form a plank.
It would help if you started slowly and steadily during your initial days of cardio. The focus of burpees is on complete-body calisthenics and building endurance.

High Knees
High Knees are a classic cardio exercise. If you are a new learner, you are free to try a low impact version where you bring your knees upwards but skip the jump. Continue doing this exercise for at least a minute.

Squats are a bodyweight activity that targets your lower body. You will gain incredible strength in your glutes, legs, and hips through squats. Several variations of this cardio exercise exist, such as squat and kick or squat jumps, if you’re looking for a slightly advanced version. 45-60 seconds is an ideal duration.

Standing Alternate Toe Touches
This cardio exercise is great for full-body exertion. It works your legs, core, and arms. To perform Standing Alternate Toe Touches, you must stand with your feet apart and your arms at ease. Engage your core muscles and lift a leg, reaching out to touch your toes with the opposite arm. Do at least three sets of twelve reps each on both sides.

Lunges are one of the most versatile cardio exercises. You can tweak a lunge to fit your specific workout needs. There are different types of lunges, too, like curtsy lunges, side lunges, lunge jumps, and other variations.
Any form of this cardio exercise will get your heart rate up and burn a lot of calories. Try performing a minimum of three sets comprising ten to twelve repetitions each.

There is a thrilling and sweaty deluge of cardio exercises out there! The six moves in this list are some of the most effective, beginner-friendly activities.
Once your strength grows, you can move into advanced cardio exercises at home like mountain climbers, inchworm crawls, and plank jacks. It is time to greet a toned body- from the comfort of your home!
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