All You Need to Know About the Perfect Abs Workout

Getting perfect abs or a flat stomach is every fitness-conscious person's desire. To obtain a set of perfect abs, you must train your core muscles diligently. Since core workouts are not the easiest of workout routines, most people only dream of getting their dream abdomen fitness.

Importance of Abs

There is no doubt about the fact that 6-pack abs and a flat stomach have great aesthetic value. However, keeping that aside, there are other things to consider as well. Have strengthened abs is of utmost relevance to overall physical well-being. 

The rectus and transverse abdominous, along with the external and internal obliques, make up your abdominal muscles. These muscles are essential to stabilize the vertebral column and the pelvis. They also aid in achieving good posture. These muscles are also necessary as they help you lean forward and backward and also facilitate rotational movements.

How Do You Start Working on Abs?

The most important thing to note while concentrating on your abs is listed below.

Maintain a Good Posture

You should make sure that you work on your back and abdominal muscles equally. Doing so is essential to ensure that not too much pressure gets put on one muscle group and that your entire body is in good shape.

Keep a Check on Your Body Fat Level

To achieve perfect looking abs, you not only want to exercise regularly but also have to make sure that your body fat percentage is adequate. You can achieve the most robust core possible, but that will not ensure great looking abs if they get hidden behind a layer of fat. The healthy body fat percentage for men is lower than 10% for men and lower than 16% for women. 

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

You must eat the right foods to maintain a good ab workout routine. Avoid too many carbohydrates as that would get you lethargic. However, whole carbs such as brown rice, fruit, and quinoa will fuel your workout energy and will help you burn more calories. Protein-rich food such as fish, pulse, and eggs will help you recover from the workout strain and will aid in better muscle building.
You must remain adequately hydrated throughout the day to aid optimum sculpting. Drinking about 3 liters of water every day will avoid water retention and toxic build-up in your body.

Do Not Forget Your Legs

When thinking of ab workouts, most people negate the importance of full-body training. Working on your legs will help you uncover your abs quicker. Leg workouts also help strengthen your lower abs.

Specific Areas You Need to Work on To Achieve Abs

The different abdominal muscles that need training can get divided into three parts.

Upper Abs Workout

Most upper ab workouts require crunches. Crunches help you isolate the upper ab region and focus on core strengthening. You can do the following exercises to train your upper abs. 

Dumbbell crunch - 10 reps with 10-second rest between each rep
Tuck and crunch - 15 reps with 10-second rest between each rep
Basic crunch - 20 reps with 90-second rest between each rep
V-sit - 12 reps with 10-second rest between each rep

Lower Abs Workout

Lower abs are a little challenging with which to work. They require optimum leg strength. The following exercises help in toning the lower abs and aiding great rotational movements in your body.

Hanging leg raise - 10 reps with 10-second rest between each rep
Hanging-knee raise twist - 10 reps on each side with 10-second rest between each rep
Garhammer raise - 15 reps with 10-second rest between each rep
Basic-leg rotation - 20 reps with 30-second rest between each rep

Obliques and Core Workout

The following exercises will help you achieve a stronger core. It, in return, gives you full-body strength as well as clean backward and forward movements. 

Basic plank - Maximum possible time with 90-second rest between each plank
Decline plant with foot touch - 10 reps on each side with 10-second rest between each rep
Seated Russian twist - 12 reps on each side with 10-second rest between each rep
Bicycle crunches - 15 reps with 10-second rest between each rep

Perfect Abs Workout Tips

Knowing how to begin training your abs and creating the optimum routine is not enough for an ab workout. You must follow specific tips and rules to ensure that you do not overwork or underwork your muscles. 


Some trainers believe that working your abs every day is the best way to build core endurance. Others believe that training your abs only once a week is the right way to build muscle. However, the correct ratio lies somewhere in between. 

Most people get the best results out of their abs workout when they train twice or thrice a week. This frequency allows you to go extra hard in every session while giving your muscles at least 1-2 days or rest to recover and grow.
If you want to work out every day, you can isolate one of the three abs groups and work on one group each day. It will help you stay in motion while not overworking any specific muscle. However, concentration on abs only 2-3 days a week is great because that will give you time to concentrate on other parts of your body on the remaining days. 

Ditch the Deadlifts

While working out in a gym, it is easy to get carried away by the CrossFit workouts. Most beginners also believe that deadlifts work on all necessary abs groups. However, this is not true. While deadlifts are undoubtedly impactful, back squats, plants, crunches, and press-ups are more effective in abs training.


Working on your abs requires complete dedication. Not only should you focus on various ab groups, but also your overall fitness. Abs workouts are incomplete without strong arms, legs, and back. Therefore, adopting a healthy lifestyle enables you to achieve the perfect abs workout routine.