Essential Back Exercises to Improve Your Posture at Home

A good posture always adds to one's personality. Thus, the way we stand, sit, or walk becomes significantly important to maintain a good posture. People having good body postures are not only considered taller and attractive but also gain confidence and self-respect. However, a person with a poor body posture, also known as postural dysfunction, need not worry much about it. 

A poor body posture can be fixed naturally by following some regular exercise and proper health routines. Due to having a busy schedule, people nowadays don't get enough time to include physical activities in their lives. 

To get a good body posture at home, one should concentrate more on strengthening and back exercises. A good body posture improves blood flow, supports your muscles, and keeps your blood vessels healthy.

Which back exercises are best for your posture?

Do you want an elegant stance? Check out the following five basic sitting, standing, and floor back exercises to improve your posture at home.

Seated exercises

Unable to ditch your desk? Improve your posture without moving from your chair/couch with this elemental sitting exercise.

Goalpost squeeze

Begin by sitting upright. Gently bend your elbows at a right angle and lift your arms into a goalpost position upwards. Now, keep pushing your elbows to the back as you relax your shoulders. Slowly release.

Standing exercises

Looking for exercises to do when you are cooking or when in an elevator? Try the following simple standing exercises and fix your posture. 

Chest opener

Initially, stand upright with your feet slightly apart. Press your palms together as you bring your arms behind. Push it down towards the ground and reach it away from your back. Open your chest and inhale. Hold in this position for five breaths and relax. 

Upper trapezius stretch

Begin by standing upright. Tilt your head to the left and extend your left hand upward. Gently grasp your head as you remain with your head tilted. Hold in this position up to 20 seconds and release. Release and repeat up to three times. Do the same on your right side as well.

Floor Exercises

Do you feel lazy to get up for exercising? Try the simple floor exercises mentioned below by lying in your bed.

Bird dog

On a mat, begin by kneeling on the floor. Position your hands under the shoulders with your knees under the hips. Bring your left arm forward simultaneously, kick your right leg backward. Make sure your leg and arm stay aligned with your torso. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat a couple of times and continue the same on the other side as well.

Supported fish 

Lay on the floor mat, and place a rolled-up soft blanket under your head as a support. Now place a block on your shoulder base, at the same height as the blanket. 

Gently open your arms by adjusting the height of the block. Ensure to open your arms as wide as possible. Meanwhile, if you feel pressure on your back, slowly bend your knees to take that out.

Regular exercises that are great for your back

If you want to opt for the usual exercises rather than experiment with new ones, check these basic exercises out that can help you maintain a healthy posture.


The plank, often referred to as front hold, is a core back exercise that focuses more on strengthening. Its position is much similar, like a push-up. The best form of the plank is the forearm plank performed in a push-up-like position on elbows, forearms, and toes. 

It is considered one of the simplest exercises that give plenty of health benefits. While performing a plank, one should ensure to keep the legs straight and looking down at the floor.

High Plank

A high plank is a common form of exercise that helps to relieve pain and stiffness. It also helps you in strengthening your shoulders, hamstrings, and glutes. Besides these advantages, the high plank also activates muscles to maintain balance, which is important for good posture. 

To perform this exercise, one should raise the hips by lifting the heels and straightening the legs. You should also make sure to keep your chest open and your shoulders back. By holding this position for around one minute at a time, you can improve your posture.

Reverse Plank Bridge

The reverse plank bridge exercise majorly targets the posterior muscles as well as the abdominal muscles. It's a basic form of Yoga and can also be added as a routine exercise to improve body posture. The Reverse Plank Bridge stimulates core muscles along with strengthening your key muscles like your neck muscles and pectoral muscles. 

To perform this exercise, you should pull your shoulders back and keep your arms straight. The next step involves pushing the chest up and extending the spine as much as possible. This is one of the easiest strengthening exercises to improve body posture.

Arch Up

The Arch Up exercise is a multi-phase exercise and involves majorly three movements. These movements require you to keep your head aligned above the spine and an external rotation of your arms. 

To perform this exercise, you should push your arms and shoulder blades upwards. One should try to raise the arms as high as possible without bending them to perform proper strengthening. It is a core exercise that involves immense stretching of muscles and helps you to maintain a google body posture.

Child's pose

The Child's pose is one of the most common forms of yoga exercises. It is a kind of gentle stretch for the back, thighs, hips, and ankles. To perform this exercise, you should walk your hands out in front and fold forward at your hips.
The next step involves sinking the hips back down toward your feet. One can also use a pillow or folded blanket for support. While performing the Child's pose, breathe deeply and relax in this pose for around 5 minutes.
The above-mentioned exercises can be easily performed at home. One should follow these exercises to get a structured and improved posture.

Final words

Poor posture is not only unattractive but also unhealthy. Practicing good posture will eventually; improve your strength, reduce muscle stress, and make you look attractive. To achieve good posture, you must activate and stretch your weak muscles and tight muscles, respectively.
The Internet is loaded with plenty of exercises, apart from the five back exercises to improve your posture at home, mentioned here. Pick a couple of exercises comfortable for you and start working on your posture. Start today without putting it off any further.