How Can You Make Your Own Fitness Plan

Staying fit is something that is essential for everyone. Be it a teenager or a person in his/her late seventies. It is always good to have some workout plan laid out for yourself to keep yourself healthy and fit.

The difficult part about fitness is making a plan to follow. We get stuck in the very beginning and never follow the rest.

Here are a few tips that will help you plan and follow your own workout routine.

Step 1: Understand your body

The first step to any fitness regime is to understand the requirements of your body. This includes the things that you wish to focus on, whether you want to lose weight or gain weight. Whether you want to increase muscle mass or decrease muscle mass.

It doesn't matter what your goals are, there should be a goal to begin with. Pin it down and start working around it.

Another important thing that you need to address is how much time you wish to. You cannot set too ambitious a goal that you are unable to fulfill. Keep your daily routine in mind before you allocate time for a workout.

Determine how much exercising your body can take. In the beginning, you might not be able to sustain even thirty minutes of workout. Set your time in sync with your body so that you can fall into the process gradually. 

Step 2: Type of exercise you need

Your exercise routine will depend on the body part you want to focus on. People often run behind quick success in every aspect of their life. It might work in some cases, but it will definitely not work if applied to fitness.

You cannot haste your way to your desired fitness goal. There are different workout routines for different body parts. If you wish to reduce body weight, your focus will be more on cardio. If you wish to increase muscle mass, your focus will be on weight lifting. 

The key is to stay within your limits. There is no need to make a complicated and tough workout routine for yourself. It should be something achievable,  especially for the beginning days. If you plan something way out of your limits, you might end up avoiding it completely and call quits at very early stages.
Pick exercises that you can master in one or two reps. Try to involve fun and simpler workouts in the beginning. Once your body starts getting into the rhythm of everything, you can gradually increase the intensity. 

Step 3: Duration of your exercise

The duration of a workout plan is subjective. Every person has a different threshold and strength. You might get tired with 15 minutes of intense cardio. You might not get tired with even an hour-long weight training. 

To determine what duration is suitable for you is to start less and then increase. Typically, forty-five minutes to an hour of exercise is sufficient to begin with. You spread your chosen exercises over this period and devote equal minutes or as per the requirement. 

For some people carving out even forty-five minutes in a day might turn out to be an uphill task. In that case, do whatever you can to make it work. You can take out 15 minutes for a cardio routine, indulge in that. If you can take out 30 minutes for full-body stretching, work on that.

Just make sure, whatever time you set aside, devote it completely to exercising without any distraction. This will ensure that you are able to make the best of whatever time you work out. 

Step 4: Number of days to devote

The number of days to be devoted to exercising can be different for every individual. This will also depend on how your routine goes throughout the week.
If you can devote two to three days per week to a full-body workout, then it is more than enough. However, if you can make it a full week, you will be able to see the results sooner. But just to haste it, you are not required to burden yourself.

Ease into a new routine of exercise and let your body settle with the changes. 

Step 5: Diet matters

You might be killing it with your workout. You might be sweating buckets, but one wrong food choice and your entire workout goes down the drain. Healthy eating habits are a must with a regular workout. 

You cannot expect to lose weight if you are hogging on a big piece of chocolate cake every day. Similarly, you cannot expect to gain weight if you are skipping your meals often. 

Clean eating and work out go hand in hand. Introduce some healthy food options in your diet to complement your workout. 

After this detailed read, you might have got some idea as to how you should go about making a fitness plan for yourself. 

A simple workout done regularly, with some responsible eating habits, is enough to achieve your desired fitness goals.