How To Bench Press Safely

The bench press is one of the most dangerous exercises. Without proper safety, the bench press can also kill you. As the bench press comes with potential risks, it gets recommended to go ahead with a spotter. Even if you fail your lift, the spotter can quickly get the loaded barbell off you. 

However, if you are willing to do bench press without any spotter, you must follow specific precautionary rules. These tips will ensure safety while you lift the barbell.

Things To Follow For Safe Bench-Pressing

Refrain From Putting On Collars While You Bench Press 

Collars are incredible additions in various lifts as they prevent the sliding of the weight plates off the barbell. Collars also help you to efficiently lifting more weights by maintaining the equilibrium. However, you must avoid putting collars on your loaded barbell when bench pressing.

Without the collars, if you fail to lift the weight off your body, you can still tilt yourself to allow them to slide off the bar. It will help to avert the disaster.
Even if you have a spotter, you should still avoid using a collar. If the weights are too heavy, the spotter can help you tilt the loaded barbell and let the weights slide off.

Go For Safety Pins Or Arms

If you are bench pressing without a spotter, always opt for a power rack that allows you to attach safety pins or arms. Set the safety arms or pins a bit lower than the level where the loaded barbell will be touching the chest. 

If you fail to get the weight off your body, you can bend your chest and allow the barbell to roll towards the face. You can then rest the barbell on the safety arms or pins. 

After rolling the barbell weight off your chest, you can slowly move your body to safety.

Use Your Thumbs To Firmly Grip The Barbell 

To utilize a thumbless grip around your barbell while bench pressing may feel comfortable on your wrists. However, it is also known as the suicide grip.
If the barbell slips suddenly from your hand, there will be no thumb to prevent it from happening. It will offer a firm grip around the barbell and prevent accidents while you are bench pressing.

Refrain From Using A Smith Machine While You Bench Press

A smith machine often adds a false sense of security and confidence, which can lead to accidents. The bar attached to a smith machine typically stops in a position that will curb your efforts to safely raking it. 

The Smith machine attaches the barbell to two sides of a vertical steel rail. It will prevent the weight from sliding off and can effortlessly become a death trap.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to use a spotter while doing a bench press. Bench pressing is a dangerous lift that can lead to grievous injuries, including death. In the absence of a spotter, you must follow the above four tips to conduct your bench pressing safely.