The Benefits of Group Exercise

Is always exercising fun? Not many of us will say yes because it becomes a burden with time, and eventually, we give up. Sometimes we are not able to see the longed results and get depressed. This eventually makes us quit exercise, and we once again stick to our sedentary lifestyle. 

But, is there any solution to this problem? Yes, there is one solution to this problem, and that is exercising in a group. There are many benefits to exercising in groups. Before discussing the various benefits, let us understand what a group exercise is.

What is group exercise?

A group exercise is like regular exercising only. The basic difference is that it is done in groups. The groups can be small or big. These can be, sometimes, exercise classes where several people exercise together following a similar or different routine. These include Zumba classes, aerobics, football, netball, etc.


Physical exercises are not everyone's cup of tea. They demand a lot of effort from us in order to give the best results. The mantra to gain the maximum output is to continue exercising regularly, but due to various constraints, we are not able to continue and many times feel lost and demotivated. 

This can be the result of exhaustion from physical labor and loneliness while exercising. But if we choose group exercising over individual exercising, then this problem can be resolved. It is a well-known fact that when individuals work in groups, they are able to produce their best output with greater happiness.
Exercising in groups, hence, increases our morale and keeps us motivated throughout the whole journey. The progress of others gives us the motivation to do better.

Fitness structure

Exercising in a group not only keeps us motivated to go on but also helps us to follow the fitness structure even better. In order to gain the desired results, following a fitness structure is vital. 

It is quite plausible that in the day to day rush, we might not be able to make an exercise structure, or we might not be able to figure out where to start. In such cases exercising in groups helps us to maintain our fitness structure effectively. There is no need to make any plans on our own. 

The trainer of the group exercise class makes the fitness structure according to our needs and capabilities. Our group mates also prove to be very helpful and supportive and can even help as a trainer sometimes.


Exercising in-group makes us more accountable to achieve our goals. When we have a fixed schedule to follow and classes to attend every day, it is likely not possible to skip classes. Being a part of the group provides a force from within to achieve daily targets.
Nobody wants to feel embarrassed in front of their group mates, explaining that they preferred relaxing on the couch more than attending the class. A feeling of togetherness helps us to exercise better in groups than as individuals.

Reduces stress

Although exercising, in general, relieves stress, but sometimes it can be the cause of stress also. This happens majorly due to not getting the desired results even after giving efforts. Exercising in groups is more relaxing and less stressful than exercising individually. 

We exercise to become healthier and more beautiful. So, when we exercise alone and are not able to see the results a little early, we start feeling stressed. But, exercising in groups helps us to reduce stress even more. 

Conversation with our fellow mates helps us to lighten our mood and focus. The positive comment of our partners boosts our confidence and keeps us elated and playful.

Social interaction

Exercising in groups is the best way to interact with people. Exercising in groups can bring like-minded people together. They may have a similar lifestyle and goals as you have. Such interactions have the potential to make long-lasting friendships. 

Sometimes the feeling of alone can be a barrier in going to exercise every day. But when we have like-minded people, it becomes comfortable to exercise every day. Individual exercises can be boring sometimes.

In a group exercise, similar people are there, so the exercises become interesting and less boring. Group exercises like Zumba and aerobics are a good choice.

Fewer chances of injury

In a group exercise, there are likely fewer chances of injury or fall. The people around us can provide immediate help. Exercising in a group helps us improve our coordination and balance. A repeated set of actions helps to enhance our muscles' power and endurance. 

The exercises also increase the flexibility of muscles. This, in turn, improves our agility and reduces the chances of injury and fall. When we workout individually, it might be possible that while doing a certain type of exercise, we may induce some injury like excessive stretching of muscular tissues or even breaking of ligaments. 

But in a group exercise, we can do all the exercises with a partner and avoid injuries, especially while doing flexibility enhancing exercises.

Cardiovascular fitness

Any exercise which increases our blood flow provides cardiovascular fitness. Exercising in a group can be very effective in achieving cardiovascular fitness as there are several exercises and routines to choose from. There are wide varieties of group exercises available like Zumba, aerobics, or even some sports like football or netball. 

All these exercises and sports involve maximum body movement and sometimes even running. These group exercises are comparatively enjoyable to do than exercising alone. Hence, it becomes easy to follow the routines and schedules, which makes us more consistent in exercising.

Relieves anxiety and depression

Group exercises can be very helpful in relieving anxiety and treating depression. Exercises help our body to feel relaxed and energetic. At the same time, a group of people with whom we can discuss our daily problems and issues helps our mind to feel relaxed. 

The positivity of the place can be very helpful in even treating depression. It is a well-known fact that talking to someone minimizes their chances of harming themselves. Group exercises provide two benefits simultaneously; it not only makes our body physically healthy but also makes us mentally healthy and strong.

Summing up

The advantages of group exercises are humungous. Some of the few benefits of group exercises have been discussed above. Exercises are important for a healthy lifestyle. A regular exercise routine is a panacea for all diseases and ailments. 

Group exercises also make us socially better. Conversations with our group mates can help us forget daily chaos and in moving forward. But what is more imperative is to stick to the routine with determination and motivation.