Your Complete Guide To Wellness Coaching

We all have goals that we set for ourselves financially, professionally, and emotionally. However, there's also a vision that we all have of the 'perfect' life that we want for ourselves. This involves gaining happiness and satisfaction from the jobs that we do and the lifestyles that we lead.

Now it's not very simple to achieve this 'perfect' version of life that we all crave so dearly. There are plenty of roadblocks along the way. Some of them may seem easy to cross, while others, a lot harder. 

How do we move forward in our careers, keep ourselves healthy (mentally and physically) and find satisfaction in what we do? Here is where a wellness coach comes into our lives.

Who is a wellness coach?

Wellness coaches are specialists who are trained in helping us achieve this sort of satisfaction in our lives. Wellness coaches are people who help us sharpen the skills that we possess and help us develop ourselves on the basis of a larger perspective.

Wellness coaches help us attain our physical, mental, and emotional goals. This could be anything from losing some weight, improving concentration, quitting bad habits, and reducing anxiety and stress from our lives.

Why do we need wellness coaching?

In general, we need help in making major life decisions. For example, major career changes, big family decisions, and so on. In today's world, we've all evolved to move at light speed. It's become clear that if we don't keep adapting and moving quickly, we could get left behind very soon.

This is leading to rising stress levels, rising anxiety, and less happiness overall. People over the world are starting to lose themselves in the rat race and forgetting to take care of themselves in the long run.

What does a wellness coach do?

Wellness coaches aren't there to help us become better at our jobs. They are trained in helping us become more satisfied with what we have and help us to aim higher without losing peace and happiness.

A wellness coach is someone who spends a lot of time with their clients. They need to get a grasp of who their clients are, what their vision for their life is, and know them on a very close, personal level.

If you hire a wellness coach, it's always best to be completely open with them and keep no secrets or any worries you may have from them. In essence, they can't help you unless you let them help you.

Here are a few steps things to keep in mind if/when you decide to work with a wellness coach:

Self Assessment

Before hiring a wellness coach, it's good to do a small self-assessment. Figure out where you stand in life, and ask yourself a few questions. Have you achieved the goals you set for yourself? If not, how far away are you from achieving them, and if yes, what's the next step? 

Would you consider yourself satisfied with the life you are living now? Would you consider yourself happy? Answer these questions for yourself, so you can provide your wellness coach with a clear, precise picture.

Find the right coach

Always do your research. Spend enough time learning and reading about wellness coaching and figure out who the right person is for you. The International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching provides certification to those who pursue a career in wellness coaching. 

Make sure that the professional you identify is someone who has been certified. It's always good to have a recommended professional. Try to see if you can speak to someone else who they've worked with and find out what their experience was.

Be open, be receptive

When you hire a wellness coach, they are there solely to help you improve as a person. So when you decide to hire someone, be completely honest and transparent with them. Tell them your goals, tell them your fears, tell them what worries you, and what makes you happy. 

If there are habits that you have that you believe aren't productive, tell them about them. Be open-minded about making changes to your life and lifestyle. They can only help you if you are willing to help yourself.


Sit down with your wellness coach and have a detailed discussion about whatever you believe you need to change in your life. Make notes of the things that you discuss so that you have them with you for future reference. Make a comprehensive plan or strategy with your coach. 

List out all the things that you are going to do to move in a better direction while also listing out the things that you will stop doing. Making a strategy makes it easier for you to see the path ahead. Only talking to them may help you in the short term but doesn't give you a long term objective.

Stick to the plan

Once you come up with the path forward, stay on it. Make sure to stick to the plan. It may be difficult initially, but a wellness coach will not push you to make very large scale changes all at once. It will be a gradual process, but a constant one. 

Unless you stick with the plan, it can't move forward, and neither can you. Once you've taken the decision to work with a wellness coach, make sure that you follow their advice and make sure you don't waiver from the plan that you have come up with together.

Summing up

Wellness coaches aren't magicians. But what they can do for your life can be magical. By encouraging you to get into the ideal mindset and headspace, they will ensure that you attain all the goals you set for yourself while remembering to keep yourself happy on the way.

Mental health is something that is still considered somewhat of a taboo, even in today's 'evolved' world. While people run around chasing better jobs, higher salaries, faster cars, and bigger houses, they forget to take care of their mental health.

You can be successful while being happy. You can be financially secure while being satisfied. You can have a great job and not be stressed 24x7. Wellness coaches are specialized in helping you achieve these goals holistically.
Remember that you're always No. 1. You've got to take care of yourself and your well-being. So hiring someone to help you achieve that isn't something to worry about. Once you hire a wellness coach and beginning to work with them in earnest, you'll start to see big changes in your life and see yourself becoming a much better, rounded person.